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today is May 27, 2022

In the round-up: Carlos Sainz Jnr says he believes that drivers can push more on the new Pirelli tyres for 2022 compared to previous seasons

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In brief

Sainz encouraged by how hard drivers can push new tyres

Carlos Sainz Jnr says he believes that drivers can push more on the new Pirelli tyres for 2022 compared to previous seasons.

Formula 1 has moved to 18-inch wheels for the first time in 2022, with tyre supplier Pirelli having produced an entirely new construction of tyre to suit the bigger, lower profile wheels.

While the new Pirellis are still designed to degrade over time, Sainz believes drivers will be able to lean on them harder than in previous years.

“I am maybe a bit more encouraged by them just because they did quite a bit of testing last year – I think I did three or four days in total with the compounds and they look like they are suiting well this new generation of cars,” Sainz said.

“They look to be at least allowing you to push a bit more on them compared to other years – maybe a bit less overheating, a bit less degradation. But they’re still a tyre that degrades, a tyre that overheats… but the scale of it, for me personally, I feel like it’s a bit better and the work done by Pirelli last year and the development seems to start to pay off a bit.

Red Bull junior karter Lindblad injured in crash

Arvid Lindblad, a member of Red Bull’s junior driver team, was hospitalised after an accident during the second lap of a qualifying heat in an OK Senior class kart race in Franciacorta, Italy last weekend.

The 14-year-old suffered a broken thumb and other injuries in the accident and will undergo surgery to address his injuries, Lindblad’s father, Stefan, confirmed in a post on social media.

Lindblad’s father also expressed his dissatisfaction over the incident, calling on series organisers to conduct a “full and comprehensive investigation” into the crash.

“We and Arvid are very upset about the incident as it could easily have ended up being something much more serious,” he said.

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