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today is Sep 28, 2022

Good thing F1 cars don’t have car keys; otherwise, plenty of drivers would probably lose them before lights out! We’d all hope our first day in a new job would go smoothly, meeting your new team and trying to impress the boss. Unfortunately for Williams’ newest driver, Alex Albon, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

Last season saw Alex encounter a year on the sidelines after being replaced by Sergio Perez at Red Bull and demoted to the team’s reserve driver, infamously recreating Lewis Hamilton’s line from his dramatic crash with Max Verstappen at Silverstone.

Now, the Thai-British driver is returning to the grid with Williams this season, although his former team still have an option to recall him for 2023 if they wish.

Getting stuck into his first day at the Grove factory on Wednesday, Albono somehow managed to have something go wrong from the get-go.

“I already lost my car keys on the first day, but we did find them, which was great,” he admitted.

“I thought I left them on the dinner tray, so I was about to look into the garbage cans, but fortunately, they were just down the side of the sofa in the simulator room, so a trip to the garbage was saved!”

Thankfully, the rest of Alex’s day seemed to run more smoothly as he began preparation work on the simulator and had a tour of Williams’ historic cars. However, meeting lots of new people has got its own challenges.

“Some people see Williams as an intimate team, but it’s still massive! There’s still a lot of people here, from marketing to aero, the machine shop to accounting, it’s a big team,” he added.

“I’ve seen a lot of new faces, and I’m not quite sure I’ll remember everyone’s names, but it’s been great to meet everyone.”

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