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today is May 26, 2022

In the round-up: Alfa Romeo’s technical director has said that F1 teams will quickly get the porpoising problem seen in Spain under control.

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Alfa Romeo Barcelona issues can be fixed for Bahrain

Jan Monchaux, Alfa Romeo’s technical director, said that despite setting the fewest laps of any team during Barcelona testing, he was confident that the situation could be turned around by the time of the Sakhir test.

“It was [not] a secret that we had some bouncing issues at the beginning,” admitted Monchaux, “and it was true, I think, for everybody. And we had some mechanical issue on the second part of the test.

“We have to to fix it, I think it’s a challenge but I’m quite confident that we’ll be able to do it for next week.”

Monchaux said that Alfa Romeo would be able to make use of a filming day for some additional checks and that “for Bahrain, I think that will be on the right way.”

He added that he didn’t believe the porpoising issues all teams had been having would persist far into the Formula 1 season, “it’s always the case with new regulations, you have new issues coming in. I think in two or three races, nobody will speak again about bouncing, we will have another issue or topic to discuss, but we have to fix it.

“We saw that on our side and for the other teams that everybody met big improvements over the first three days and we’ll come back next week. All the teams with a new configuration to fix it completely.”

Sandstorm limits final day of Formula 2 testing

Felipe Drugovich set the fastest time during Friday’s Formula 2 test with a 1’44.911 around Sakhir. He was almost a second clear of second-fastest driver Clement Novalak, who ran a 1’45.883.

Both times were significantly slower than previous day’s best as only the slower, hotter morning session ran due to a sandstorm arriving in the afternoon and thus the dusk session being cancelled, after Formula 3 had struggled to run in the start of the storm.

Hadjar tops Formula 3 times for second day running

Isack Hadjar went fastest in today’s F3 running, setting a 1’47.247 for Hitech during the morning session, before a sandstorm heavily disrupted the afternoon running. A complete rookie to Formula 3 for 2022, Hadjar was fifth in last year’s Formula Regional European Championship.

He was also the fastest driver during Thursday’s uninterrupted running, setting a 1’47.516.

Crypto organisation brands W Series team

W Series has announced the CortDAO team, with Fabienne Wohlwend as its first confirmed driver. The team is made up of a group of crypto backers that have formed a decentralized autonomous organization to, in theory, lead the team. Another confirmed team, Quantfury, is also crypto-associated, as a financial exchange.

Veloce, the 2021 champions with Jamie Chadwick, have not been confirmed as a team for 2022.

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