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today is May 26, 2022

Lewis Hamilton has explained why he decided to add his mother’s surname to his own name.

The Mercedes driver revealed last week he is in the process of adding his mother’s surname, Larbalastier, to his own. Hamilton admitted he intended to tell his mother, Carmen, before letting it slip during a live event with fans at Dubai’s Expo 2020 event.

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “It ended up being a surprise, but I was going to tell my mum first before people saw it.

“But it just slipped out and I’ve already applied for it. It won’t be a surname, it’ll be my addition to my middle name.”

His full name prior to the addition is Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. He spent a long period with his family during the off-season, while he was avoiding the spotlight following the controversial end to last year’s world championship, following which he announced the decision to change his name.

“I spent Christmas with all of my immediate family, so my mum, my step-mum, my dad, my two sisters and my brother, who were with me for the majority of the break,” he said.

“I’ve thought of it for a long time. I’ve always been very, very close to my parents and both mums have all been always been absolutely incredible and thanks to them I’ve grown with so much respect for women.

“Naturally I was sad when my granddad from my mum’s side passed and just knowing that, I just felt for quite some time that I wanted to add my mum and my granddad’s name into my name. I already have my granddad from my dad’s side in my middle name, which is Davidson, and obviously Hamilton.”

He said his mother felt “happy and proud and she was very emotional about it.

“But I think ultimately, embracing your whole family, you only have one family, right? And there will never be any any other people like your family.

“For me I want both my family’s names to transcend down hopefully into the next generations and I don’t want my mum’s name to be forgotten in that.”

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