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today is May 26, 2022

In light of the situation that Matt DiBenedetto is facing right now, Denny Hamlin said that it is a “systematic problem” in the industry.

DiBenedetto has a lot of Cup experience to his name with 244 races completed so far in his career. Yet he finds himself looking for a ride for the 2022 season. However, the problem is that he is not getting any close to having one due to a lack of funding and sponsorship.

The situation is very big in the NASCAR industry as without bringing in funding and sponsorship, a driver finds himself without a ride.

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Bob Pockrass spoke about the DiBenedetto with Denny Hamlin.

“I don’t know that DiBenedetto has any best/likely option at this point. He doesn’t have significant funding/sponsorship yet so still TBD on where he could end up,” Pockrass said. “Most current open rides would require some form of sponsorship to come with the driver or team landing sponsor.”

Replying to him, Hamlin said that it is a systematic problem in the industry and he would not have got a change in today’s situation.

“Seems like a systematic problem Bob,” Hamlin replied.

“I would have NEVER got a chance in today’s climate.I’m confident in that. Could you maybe estimate how many of the top 10 in Xfinity current supplement income to the teams that they drive for? Not that some aren’t worthy because they are.”

The situation is very frustrating for DiBenedetto who is now even looking to ride in the Xfinity league to save his racing career.

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