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today is Sep 25, 2022

Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix and the preceding sprint qualifying race on Saturday will be held in similarly warm and dry conditions.

The prospect of rain is close to zero during the upcoming race weekend at Monza, which is expected to see very similar conditions to last year’s race.

Temperatures will be approaching their peak when practice begins at the later than usual time of 2:30pm. Air temperatures will reach 28C and the track surface should nudge into the forties. Minimal wind will make for close to ideal conditions.

Aside from a slight chance of a light shower ahead of Friday afternoon’s qualifying session, the weekend should remain dry. Temperatures will be falling by then, and the track a good step cooler, heading down to 30C.

Low light conditions may prove an added challenge during qualifying, as the parkland track is hemmed in by tall trees in places and the sun will be low in the sky when the sessions starts at 6pm. Sunset is due at 7:44pm local time, so any disruption to qualifying could present complications or even force an early end to running.

The second practice session at midday on Saturday afternoon will take place in similarly warm conditions, albeit with temperatures rising instead of falling. By the sprint qualifying race at 4:30pm they should peak, with the track around 42C.

Conditions will be warmer again for Sunday’s main event, air temperatures potentially reaching 30C. Track conditions will therefore be much more similar to the first practice session than the second.

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