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today is Jan 31, 2023

F1 Presenter Will Buxton has recalled an early example of Max Verstappen's ability, giving his account of his dominant displays against Ferrari juniors in 2014.

Following the confirmation of Verstappen's second World Championship, Formula 1 journalists have been recalling their early memories of the Dutchman's talent.

Providing his account to Formula 1, Buxton commented that Verstappen had a level of ability that other 'simply could not' replicate.

"I can’t really say I raced Max, given the gulf in our levels of ability, but I was fortunate enough to share a track with him for three races of the Florida Winter Series in 2014, his first competitive single seater championship on graduating karts," commented Buxton.

"It was, ostensibly, a winter training school, set up by Ferrari for their juniors. But what was incontestably apparent was that the shining light in the group was not one of the Scuderia’s own.

"The championship featured open data sharing after every session, and the overlays were evidence that even with his lack of experience in comparison to his fellow drivers, Max was doing things the others simply could not."

Verstappen's ruthlessness evident in junior categories

Many journalists commented that the strong, aggressive traits from his father Jos had been picked up by Max in his junior career.

Buxton added that despite this creating a target on his back, he was often completely unchallenged.

"He got up their noses, frustrating them with his pace and raw, sometimes borderline racecraft, a trait which would create so many early headlines," commented Buxton.

"He was a cut above, and everyone knew it, his consistently improving form and no-s**** – given approach creating a clear target on himself as the coming man.

"It was a target drawn in indelible ink and one, much to his older and more experienced rivals’ chagrin, they were only really ever able to view on his back."