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today is Dec 01, 2022

Anyone else absolutely living for the friendship between Yuki Tsunoda and Pierre Gasly? So wholesome! However, it seems the AlphaTauri duo have taken their bromance to a new level 👀

From training together to inadvertently joking about them sharing a bed, the pair’s mix-ups have had us all in stitches laughing. Considering that the Japanese driver is known for having no filter (check out Season 4 of Drive To Survive if you don’t believe us), they’re a recipe for chaos.

Speaking at the Australian Grand Prix Fan Forum, he was left bright red after claiming that he likes “Pierre’s something *laughs*. It’s you know like girlfriend or boyfriend, some kind of feeling”. Aww bless him 😂

It’s obvious how much of a positive influence they’ve had on each other since teaming up last year, with Pierre even saying that the ‘Yuki effect’ helped put a smile on his face. Although, he then admitted it was probably due to Daniel Ricciardo’s smile. Ouch.

Honestly, there must have been something in water down under, as a several of the drivers were feeling the love.

Whether it was Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen joking about nipple piercings, Lando joking about his hands getting lower in pre-race hugs with Daniel Ricciardo or Lewis correcting his Mercedes teammate George Russell for calling him Mr Hamilton instead of Sir – the drivers were unhinged!

And we’re absolutely living for it!

What was your favourite off-track moment from the Australian GP? Let us know in the comments below.