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today is Sep 26, 2022

As we countdown the days until lights out in Bahrain for the first race of the 2022 season, Mercedes have just shared their new safety and medical cars, and it’s safe to say we’re in love 😍

With legend Bernd Maylander behind the wheel again, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is certainly a beast and has so many new intelligent features.

Some of you might notice the absence of the traditional light bar on the roof, with the safety car signalling now being actually integrated into the vehicle for the first time ever. Pretty clever if you ask us.

The lights are now incorporated into the windscreen and integrated into the car’s rear spoiler, all using fast-reacting LEDs. This has been done to stop the bar from interfering with the “carefully refined aerodynamic balance” of the car, but it also looks mega slick.

As well as integrated lights, the car will also illuminate the number plate in an orange or green colour to sync with the safety lights. If it’s orange, it means the safety car has been called into service, and if they’re flashing, it means “absolutely no overtaking”. Green is a much nicer sight, and they can overtake the safety car.

The brightness of the lights can also be adjusted, so if it’s a race during the day or night, you’ll be covered.

Overall, it’s a cool piece of kit, and anything that helps keep those on the ground safe is a total winner for us 👏

We can’t wait to see it in action during half of the races this year, as Mercedes share the role of safety and medical car with Aston Martin.

What are your thoughts on the new safety and medical car from Mercedes? Let us know in the comments!