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today is Dec 07, 2022

Lockdown has caused many of us to pursue some unusual motorsport-related hobbies. From rewatching numerous old F1 races, reading every driver biography ever printed or spending nine months creating an entire replica of the Bahrain International Circuit on Minecraft.

Sorry, what now?

That’s exactly what Reddit user u/Gabzs_ has done, creating the most phenomenal Minecraft build we’ve ever seen. Seriously, we haven’t stopped geeking out about it. It’s a work of art.


As well as including the traditional Grand Prix layout for the circuit, Gabzs also made sure to include the Sakhir ‘outer’ track too. Seriously, the level of detail to this is just mad.

We are so in awe of the time and talent it must have taken, plus the patience! Just look at all the tiny details from the sponsorship advertising, coloured kerbs and even the marker boards.

This isn’t the only F1 circuit Gabzs has created either, they also shared a link to Monza which even features the old banking.

If you would like to see more of Gabzs’ amazing work, be sure to check out their Reddit page.

What circuit would you like to see them try next? Let us know in the comments.