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today is Dec 10, 2022

Money, money, money, must be funny… well, you know the rest. The topic of dollar bills is nothing new in F1. However, it’s been a popular talking point recently, whether that’s about the teams’ budget cap or a potential salary cap for the drivers.

A limit to salaries for the drivers isn’t a new suggestion, and as you’d expect, most of the guys on the grid are not loving the idea.

One of those is Sebastian Vettel, who labelled it “wrong”.

“Isn’t it a funny coincidence that it’s the first time that teams can actually make money with racing in F1, and something like the salary cap for drivers pops up?

“Just thinking… isn’t that funny?”

Yes, pop off sassy Seb 💅

“Obviously, we have a budget cap now, which pushes the model towards earnings for all the teams,” he continued.

“I think maybe they should be capped in terms of having certain fixed earnings, and everything beyond that should, I don’t know, go to a certain pool to do great things with it and have a positive impact.”

It’s such a sweet and totally Vettel thing to suggest that any profits would go to charities or causes that would positively impact the wider world.

Do you think Seb’s suggestion would be good? Or should F1 stick with the same structure they have now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!