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today is Dec 07, 2022

With just only a couple of laps to go in Stage 2 of the NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway, the  JGR driver Kyle Busch was leading (all 47 laps) when he lost a rear tire.

Kyle Busch loose tire enabled the rest of the field to catch up , with cars flying around the turn and came a speeding Ross Chastain who slammed into the front of Busch’s #18 car at about 180 miles per hour, slightly going airborne almost flipped.

He also wrecked HMS Chase Elliott in the No. 9 car, leaving all three drivers to call it done for the day.

“To get away from Texas would be a major win” – Chase Elliott wants NASCAR to rotate tracks instead of staying at Texas

“Felt like the driver of the 1 car chose the wrong lane to go.” – Said Ross Chastain

"Felt like the driver of the 1 car chose the wrong lane to go."

Talking with Ross Chastain after his scary crash in the NASCAR #AllStarRace at Texas:


according to Ross Chastain he called it up to bad luck, choosing the incorrect lane to avoid Kyle Busch in the No.18 ride.

An without a doubt understandably Kyle Busch was left frustrated, the winner of Stage 1 at Texas, spoke with journalists afterwards.

An understandably frustrated Kyle Busch, the winner of Stage 1 at Texas, talks with @vincewelch after a wild crash with Ross Chastain in the #AllStarRace.


Toyota Racing expressed their “concerns and displeasure” for NASCAR favoritism towards Hendrick Motorsport