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today is Jun 02, 2023

Ross Chastain has proved to be a very aggressive driver on the race tracks and the new team and Next Gen car are suiting his style well.

Such is his racing style that he is likely to get into a confrontation with other drivers. And that’s what happened in the last Cup Series race at the Dover International Speedway. Fighting for a third position with Martin Truex Jr, the two drivers made contact in the final lap of the race. Chastain got in front of Truex Jr. and the latter car made contact with Chastain’s No.1 car, thereby making the No. 19 car spin and hit the inside wall.

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Truex Jr. was not happy with Chastain’s move and the two drivers had a conversation after the race.

NASCAR spotter Brett Griffin outlined Chastain’s aggressive style and spoke about his success this season.

“If Ross races you like a b***hole, he doesn’t care. I’ve spotted for Ross Chastain, I know what he is capable of doing. He is a super-talented, fast race car driver and these cars are obviously fitting his driving style like nobody else.”

“There are guys that we’re seeing, who are talented drivers, struggle in these cars. If you think Ross Chastain got out of that Spire car and all of a sudden get in this car and run 25 spots better. We talked to Corey LaJoie about it on the stage the other day. This is a good car, this is fitting Ross’ driving style and I wouldn’t want to be his teammate right now.”

Chastain is having a fantastic season so far. With two wins already, he has booked a place in the 2022 playoffs. Many are already talking about him going far in the playoffs.

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