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today is Dec 06, 2022

Max Verstappen's refusal to appear on any Sky TV channels during the Mexican Grand Prix weekend has been extended to the entire Red Bull Formula 1 team until further notice, has learned.

Two-time World Champion Verstapppen initially decided against giving interviews to Sky Sports F1 in the UK after comments made by reporter Ted Kravitz last weekend in the United States where he implied that Lewis Hamilton was "robbed" of the 2021 title after the controversial ending in Abu Dhabi.

It has now been confirmed to by a Red Bull spokesperson that the refusal to appear on any Sky-affiliated channel - whether it be Sky Italy, Germany or Sky Sports News will be extended to all team personal.

Sky UK generally has team boss Christian Horner appear after on-track sessions to offer analysis and thoughts, and sometimes have live communication with him on the pit-wall during qualifying and races. understands from team sources that the Red Bull team does not hold any problem with Sky itself as a platform and broadcaster, but with Kravitz as an individual after a period of time of perceived anti-Red Bull and Verstappen statements - not just those made in Austin.

According to an AlphaTauri spokesperson, the snub does not extend to the Italian team's relationship with the various Sky broadcasters.