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today is Aug 12, 2022

When the sun goes down, and you're at a racing event with your friends cheering on their favorite drivers, it's hard not to feel like there is nothing in this world that could possibly be better. But if you are looking for an even more immersive experience than what the real-world can offer then consider going out to one of these NASCAR Race Car Simulators. These high fidelity simulators will put racers into any race they want from anywhere around America meaning no matter where someone lives they'll get treated just as well!


When you’re in the driver's seat, there are a lot of things to focus on so it can be hard to stay competitive. With these NASCAR race car simulators that put drivers into cockpit-style seating with an adjustable steering wheel and pedals for throttle and brake control, this problem is solved! The simulator provides realistic vehicle handling as well as sound effects from your favorite raceway. These high-tech machines make driving feel like real life racing at home or work without having all the smoke blowing back in your face while knocking off some laps before heading out on a date night!


You are a NASCAR fan, right? And of course, you surely have tried NASCAR video gaming at home or at arcades. A true NASCAR fan gets his chance to know what if feels like to race with the pros or with just with your pro-wannabe friends by playing a NASCAR video game. I’m sure you get the kicks out of speeding away passing the other race cars towards your pursuit to the finish line. Nothing beats this experience, or so you think. Have you heard about NASCAR Race Car Simulators?


With NASCAR race car simulators, your original video gaming experience might have just fallen short of calling it close to the real-world racing. Imagine this – you rev up your engine, and you feel your powerful V8 engine’s roaring sound, you slice through speedily between the other race cars and feel the bump with the other car along the way - trying to stabilize your run in the process, then you see the rough race track ahead & feel the friction of the tires against the track, you hear voices of the pit crew, and you are constantly challenged for position towards the finish line - these and more authentic replication thru NASCAR race car simulators.


These NASCAR race car simulators offered by SMS or Silicon Motor Speedway provides NASCAR fanatics with the opportunity to experience NASCAR racing simulation at its finest.


With NASCAR racecar simulators you will really feel the engine, the bumps, and the crash. You feel the adrenaline rush with each turn and with other racecars aggressively competing for position. You feel the car & track noises apparent to a real NASCAR race, and of course, you definitely will feel the pressure not just to win the race, but also to at least survive it, as your senses are made to believe that you are on a real NASCAR racetrack.


The NASCAR race car simulators by SMS come with 6 licensed race tracks, a NEXTEL Cup series licensed identity, force-feedback steering, working gauges, real-time interactive racing with as many as 32 cars, 400 watt stereo, seat belts, and more. The graphics are very good with very neat car handling control. One will feel the skids and wall scrapes, and commentators on the background.


SMS offers these NASCAR racecar simulators knowing one will surely feel the rush of racing. The sight, sound and movement simulated all accounts for the unique level of experience where one could have only dreamed. NASCAR fanatics, who are racecar driver hopefuls, will finally have a league of their own.