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today is Sep 28, 2022

Myatt Snider entered the last lap at Daytona International Speedway contending for the win in the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series opener. He unfortunately left the track, moments later, airborne with the engine displaced from his car.

During the Xfinity Series race at Daytona, Snider suffered one of the most horrific crashes NASCAR fans is ever likely to see in their life again.

The No.31 car went out of control in the final lap, turned right straight into the wall, went airborne, with the engine displaced smashed through the fence, and landed with neither the No.31 visible nor the fact that it ‘was’ a car a minute ago.

As reported by Fox Sports journalist Bob Pockrass Myatt Snider has been cleared, as expected, by doctors and NASCAR to race at Fontana this coming weekend.

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Snider said in a post-race interview, “It’s the last lap and everybody’s trying their best to push as hard as possible. I’m trying to keep as much momentum as I can get and I felt a push. I started to feel the car go right and I’m like, ‘Crap, I might be along for a ride here.’”

“Sure enough, I was.” 

“I think what happened is the left rear started yawing towards the fence and the fence caught it. And that’s what really started tearing everything up,” he said.