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today is Aug 09, 2022

In the round-up: Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff says the team will discuss the mic-up which almost led to Lewis Hamilton losing a point in Snuday’s race.

In brief

Hamilton losing fastest lap point wouldn’t have been right – Wolff

Valtteri Bottas briefly took fastest lap – and the bonus point – away from Hamilton during Sunday’s race after being told not to by his team. Although Hamilton was easily able to retake the point, had he encountered yellow flags on the final lap he would have left Zandvoort four points behind championship leader Max Verstappen instead of three.

Wolff said the matter will be discussed with the drivers in a sensitive fashion, as he realises Bottas’s frustration after a race in which he had already played a supporting role to Hamilton.

“It could have ended up in a loss of a point for Lewis and it would have also been not right because he had fastest lap until then,” said Wolff.

“But you have to understand also at that point, a certain degree of frustration, of Valtteri. And at the end, everything is good. We’re going to talk about it, but in a most amicable and professional way. But they are not robots and I can certainly relate to the situation.”

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Ocon wasn’t aware of contact with team mate

Esteban Ocon didn’t realise he’d made contact with team mate Fernando Alonso on the opening lap of the Dutch Grand Prix until he reviewed footage of the race. Alonso passed Ocon after they touched on the approach to turn three.

“At the time I was not understanding why I had my front wheel in the air and why I locked up so easy and my car was not steering,” said Ocon. “But basically Fernando was holding me up from behind – that’s what was happening, I didn’t know he was on that left side, basically. We touched, which allowed him to also get the run on the outside of turn three.”

There was another hectic moment involving the pair as the field raced up the hill to Scheivlak. “It was also quite close for both of us in the run-up to when we overtook Giovinazzi on the outside of turn six and entering seven,” said Ocon. ” We both hit a bump and Fernando almost lost it, we were side by side.

“So it was quite a fun battle. Obviously, I lost a position in that battle but next time it will work in my favour.”

Covid cases rise again at Zandvoort

The FIA and F1 reported 16 positive cases of Covid-19 in the week up to and including the Sunday of the Dutch Grand Prix, out of a total of 6,691 tests. Kimi Raikkonen was among them, and was unable to take part in the race as a result.

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