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today is May 30, 2023

Yesterday we said there were two sides to every story – and now it’s Max Verstappen’s turn. He has had plenty to say about the situation, including attempting to discuss the incident with George Russell after the race, and has now responded to Russell’s comments.

The pair found themselves in a bit of a battle on the opening lap of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, and neither wanted to back down. Unfortunately, contact was made, and there was considerable damage to Max’s car.

George was surprised by Max’s response and said: “I’m here to fight, I’m here to win. I’m not just going to wave him by because he’s Max Verstappen in a Red Bull.”

In Verstappen’s interview after the race, he was critical of George’s driving, saying: “I just don’t understand why you need to take so much risk on lap one. He understeered into my sidepod, created a hole. We all have cold tyres, it’s easy to lock up.”

He went on to explain his side to Sky Sports, saying: “I respect all the drivers a lot. It’s a bit of common sense what you do on the first lap. You just have to picture yourself. They are off the pace, and to risk that much on lap one, I think it’s not very rewarding anyway because I would get him anyway within a few laps.

“There is potential to damage your car as well, not only my car. Of course, I had a hole in my sidepod, but he could also get a puncture, and then his race is over as well.”

And it seems he wasn’t too keen on Russell’s surprised response to his frustration, and as reported by De Telegraaf, he said: “[Defending] is not allowed because Princess George is there? At the end of the day, that’s his problem too.”

We think they need to sit down and sort this out over a cup of tea, personally.

Do you think this was just a first-lap incident, or is Max right to be frustrated?