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today is Sep 25, 2022

Scoring more points in one race than Haas have done in the past two seasons is one way to make a name for yourself on your F1 return, Kevin Magnussen! 

Less than a fortnight ago, K-Mag was chilling at home with his wife and adorable baby. Now he’s back, ending their 28-race wait for points and helping the American team to bring home only their fifth top-five finish since they joined F1 in 2016.

“Qualifying could have been better, but I mean, we made it to the end of the race, we got P5. Can’t even believe it,” Kevin said.  You can’t believe it, neither can we!

Starting from seventh and holding on to points was going to be a huge challenge, but the Dane stayed comfortably inside the top ten, holding off the likes of Valtteri Bottas and Esteban Ocon behind.

With all that was at stake and the pressure on him to bring home points, the dramatic ending to both Red Bull’s races brought Haas some good luck that they were sorely missing last season.

“This craziness just continues,” he said. “We had a really good race, the car was good all the way through – we had a little more degradation than we had hoped for on the first set [of tyres].

“Then had a Safety Car at the end that put us and everyone on the same tyre and just a sprint race to the end, which was intense.”

As their Team Principal Guenther Steiner put it: “If you think about the last two years and then coming back like this, you cannot write a story like this, in my opinion.”

If Haas’ comeback doesn’t get several episodes in Drive To Survive next year, we’re going to be fuming.

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