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today is Jun 02, 2023

You’d think that a weekend off between races would be a great opportunity for some rest and relaxation for a driver. Y’know, a chance to get off the grid for a few days. However, that wasn’t possible for poor Charles Leclerc.

Last weekend, the current championship leader found himself making headlines when he crashed an old historic Ferrari at the Monaco Historique festival. He later revealed that the brakes had failed on the Ferrari 312, previously belonging to icon Niki Lauda.

Social media went wild, bringing attention to the unfortunate ‘curse’ Leclerc seems to have in Monaco.

Leclerc's Monaco curse 😣

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“Fighting for a Championship like this, I’ll think twice before doing it again in the future,” Leclerc admitted before the Spanish GP weekend.

“But yeah, it’s also part of our job. Sometimes we need to go into those cars.

“It’s always also an honour for me. I’m very happy and very proud to be driving those cars. Always a pleasure too.

“It’s always a balance you need to find, and of course, when you’re fighting for the championship… but just overall, to be honest because it’s for safety in general. I had a lot of fun. And this was unfortunate. But again, it was just unlucky.”

Leclerc also added checks had been done before his run, and there had been a shakedown of the car only a few days earlier!

Just rotten luck for the Monegasque.