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today is Jan 31, 2023

Kyle Busch has been receiving criticism from many fans regarding his participation in the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout.

Some fans are of the opinion that Busch should not race in the lower tier as he has an unfair advantage over these drivers.

Busch has defended his decision by rightly saying that just being in the Cup Series doesn’t mean that you are intrinsically better than the drivers from the lower tiers.

There are a lot of critics to Busch’s participation but there are also some fans who support his decision. One of the fans pointed out the reaction Dale Earnhardt used to receive when he participated in the local short tracks. He tweeted:

“I don’t even know why you bother responding. I remember Dale Earnhardt at my local short tracks, in the Busch cars etc. Nobody had a problem then. In fact it was celebrated as helping the sport!”

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Busch was very much in agreement with the fan and said that some fans always find negative things to say about the drivers. He replied:

“Different times I guess. I think people just find something negative and complain about something all the time. Because they can w no repercussions.”

As Busch said, there will always be critics pointing out complaints on whatever he does. But Busch is someone who is immune to such criticism and he will do what he does best: to race.

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