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today is Jun 06, 2023

Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Kyle Busch called Bubba Wallace to apologize after last week’s incident at the Kansas Speedway.

Two-time champion Kyle Busch would love to get in and add a third championship to his trophy case but emotions can run hot when you are trying to run down the last playoff spot in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Whether Busch will get that chance comes down to this weekend at the 2021 Xfinity 500 at Martinsville Speedway. Busch currently holds the last playoff spot by one point despite hitting the wall twice at the Kansas Speedway last weekend and finishing 28th.

The frustration of last weekend’s disappointing performance and the pressure of the playoff spot came through on the radio directed at Bubba Wallace from Busch on lap 108.

Looking back on his reaction, Busch acknowledged he could have handled himself better in the moment and decided to make amends.

“I actually called him yesterday, we talked about it,” Kyle Busch told FanSided. “I was like dude I was in the wrong, you had a good car and a good day. I was frustrated because I was fading and going backwards. I’m not used to really racing him and so he had a good day and I didn’t have that good of a day so we met there.”

Kyle Busch is ready to squash his beef with Bubba Wallace

Busch and Wallace know each other well over the years with Wallace even driving for Busch on his Truck Series team in 2013 and 2014.

“He knows my mentality, he knows I will go off the deep end but all will be good on Monday,” Busch said. “We talked about the opportunities on restarts and trying to get single file before being able to fight each other. You’re drawing more cars in behind you that was kind of frustrating for me but it’s all good.”

The focus shifts to Martinsville which will bring its own set of challenges. Busch has won there before and owns a could grandfather clocks.

“It would be nice to pick up another one or just have a good solid day and get ourselves in on points,” Busch said. “What is crazy about what it takes to be fast at Martinsville is not how fast can you go but how fast can you go while going slow,” Busch said. “You’re off the throttle more at Martinsville than you are actually on the throttle. Trying to figure out what it takes to be good while on the brakes.”

Busch’s success at “The Paperclip” has been fairly consistent. In his last 20 races there, Busch has two wins among his nine top-five finishes.

Kyle Busch spoke to FanSided on behalf of Breathe Right® Nasal Strips which Busch has worn for years while racing.