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today is Dec 07, 2022

Tony Stewart said that the Next Gen car is the “biggest transition” that he has seen in his time with NASCAR.

After a year delay, NASCAR is gearing up for the introduction of the Next Gen car in the 2022 season. There is a lot of excitement about this new generation of cars and as every new generation is introduced in NASCAR, it is supposed to make racing better.

Having been with NASCAR as a driver and now a team owner of Stewart-Haas Racing, Stewart is also preparing his team for the new chassis. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, he spoke about the Next Gen car and what it means to the sport. He said:

“There’s so many things that are way different than what we’re accustomed to.”

“The entire chassis is different from anything we’ve seen in the sport.”

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While Next Gen car has received criticism for many aspects and NASCAR is still testing the car before it is race-ready for the 2022 season, Stewart believes that the car is going to add a new element to racing, which will increase the excitement factor.

“There are a lot of new variables, a lot of new challenges that every team is gonna have to learn. But I think that’s gonna bring a level of excitement we haven’t seen.”

“It’s not the same game anymore, it’s the same series, same drivers, same teams. But you got a new car, that’s going to bring a new element to the game, that’s going to be exciting to watch.”

The 2021 season was not a good year for SHR as a team. Their star driver of the 2020 season, Kevin Harvick, struggled throughout the season. Stewart and the team will be hoping for a lot better fortune with the Next Gen car in the 2022 season.

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