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today is Oct 05, 2022

Bubba Wallace has now established himself at the top level of NASCAR racing. However, during his early NASCAR days he faced massive struggle.

Even though it was evident that he had the talent to make it onto the big stage, Wallace found it difficult to attract sponsors. For many NASCAR drivers, especially rookies, sponsors make the difference between staying in the sport or not.

Moving up the ranks proved to be the easier part for Bubba. Despite his early success on the track, he struggled to get the sponsorships that many believed he deserved.

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He Said: “I was always trying to be different, and just be fun, and not just your average cookie-cutter NASCAR driver, you know?” he said. “I was just always out there, balls to the walls, having fun. I thought that would attract sponsors, and we were producing results.  It was frustrating to go through those times…And they always said, you know, You win one, the sponsors will come.’ Well, I won about five or six and the sponsors never came.”

These days in NASCAR, Bubba Wallace has a deep portfolio, following  his affiliation with 23XI Racing team owner Michael Jordan.

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“Having MJ there is super cool, and I’m just very appreciative of it all,” he said. “You definitely don’t take it for granted. Makes you appreciate those harder years, because you get to enjoy these years right here.”