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today is Oct 05, 2022

Bubba Wallace was having yet another bad night with  lot of confusion about pitting at Bristol Motor Speedway, as the 23XI Racing driver is currently towards the back of the pack.

During the rain caution in his interview with Fox Jamie Little, Bubba called out NASCAR fans who have criticized his win last season at Talladega  as “Mickey Mouse” wins under rain.

“I can speak for Kyle get ready for the Mickey Mouse tweets if you do win under rain I know how that feels there you go”  Said Wallace

“We all look like bunch of bozos” – Kevin Harvick upset with the track prep at Bristol

Bubba Wallace was told  to pit for the engine blowing up, then decided on channel 2 not to pit until pit road was open, however the team didn’t tell Bubba that, so he came in he was pissed.