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today is Sep 26, 2022

Motorsport was born for the silver screen, with more drama and heart-wrenching moments than a blockbuster movie. While many films have focused on the drivers, a new flick is set to explore the life of one of F1’s most legendary figures, Enzo Ferrari.

As bankruptcy threatened the now renowned car brand, Ferrari will follow Enzo’s story in the summer of 1957. With his marriage in crisis following the death of his son Dino, the ex-racing driver takes on his greatest challenge yet, racing 1,000 miles across Italy in the Mille Miglia.

It’s no wonder some of Hollywood’s biggest names have signed up to the project, according to Variety . Star of Oscar-nominated film House of Gucci, Adam Driver is set to star in the title role.

He’s replacing X-Men star Hugh Jackman, who had been linked to the long-awaited project since 2020. Penélope Cruz will play Enzo’s wife Laura Ferrari alongside Shailene Woodley as his mistress Lina Lardi.

Based on Brock Yates’ 1991 book ‘Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races’, this film has been in the works since the early 2000s and film icon Al Pacino was originally set to star as the car manufacturing giant.

Filming is scheduled to take place this Spring on location in Modena and Emilia-Romagna.

We’ll be queuing up at the cinema to see this one!

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