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today is Sep 26, 2022

Cast your minds back to last year and the FIA gala. You’ll remember that Lewis Hamilton wasn’t present, despite finishing the F1 championship in second place.

It was particularly surprising not to see him there, as it’s in the FIA’s Sporting Regulations that “the drivers finishing first, second and third in the Championship must be present” at the ceremony.

Of course, he had his reasons, and today the FIA have confirmed that the seven-time champ will pay a €50,000 fine for the offence, the price of touching an F1 rear wing.

However, the money from the fine will be going to a brilliant cause which Hamilton suggested.

“In the spirit of commitment to building a more diverse sport in the future, the FIA President gave his full support to Hamilton’s decision to make a donation of €50,000 that will be used to support a student from a disadvantaged background in achieving an educational qualification in motorsport.

“The FIA and Hamilton will work together with an independent panel and throughout this process.”

This decision was made when Lewis and FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem met on Thursday to chat about the FIA’s work to help build greater diversity and inclusion in the motorsport industry.

Hamilton also acknowledged the importance of being at the prize-giving gala at the end of the year. The new FIA president also “reminded him of his obligation of sportsmanship, particularly in view of his status in motorsport”.

We’re glad to see the money is being spent in an effective way 👏