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today is Dec 07, 2022

Ryan Blaney led 84 of 140 laps to come out victorious in the 2022 edition of the NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday evening.

The Team Penske driver did something that didn’t sit well with the onlookers . As Ricky Stenhouse Jr. crashed right behind Blaney NASCAR Race officials waved a yellow flag for caution.

However, a bewildered Ryan Blaney thought he had won the race and removed the window net to celebrate.In fact the race was not actually finished.

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According to NASCAR rules it prevent drivers from removing the safety net due to safety issue. Blaney wasn’t penalize by NASCAR as he stay out and race to take home the chequered flag.

In this week episode of Dale Jr.‘s Door Bumper Clear podcast featured spotter, Brett Griffin who labeled Ryan Blaney an “Idiot.”

“First of all, Ryan Blaney is an idiot for dropping his window net. Sorry, race ain’t over yet, He drops his window net before the race finished, that’s his dumba** fault. He screwed that up.”

“If they’re (NASCAR) gonna let him stay at the point, they should have brought him in (the pits) and fix it, and give him his spot back. Otherwise, they gotta black flag.”

The 28-y-o had a was very dominant on the field throughout most of Sunday’s race from Texas Motor Speedway, taking the lead with 84 laps to go and not looking back, sealing the second exhibition win for Team Penske in 2022.

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