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today is Aug 12, 2022

For those of you who want to take your driving experience into the stratosphere, Drive The Dream! is just for you. This guide will give all of the information that an exotic car rental needs in order to have a great time while on vacation or business travel. It even has some helpful tips about how and when it's best to rent a luxury vehicle as well as how much one might expect this type of adventure would set them back monetarily wise - get ready folks because we're going deep down penny lane here with these numbers- $1,500 per day? That sounds like money burning my pockets but I suppose if they could afford it then so can I... right?


Let’s face it guys; we’re not all going to be able to pay for a Ferrari or a Porsche. Despite this may be a sad fact to have to face up to, yet its there nonetheless. At times exotic cars are out of reach for all except for those who are affluent and even they occasionally have trouble keeping up with the payments and maintenance of a Bentley or a Lotus. Sure the allure is strong; simply imagine slipping into the leather cockpit of your Lamborghini and cruising around curves at hundred miles per hour with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.


A Lamborghini is the epitome of luxury and speed, from its sleek exterior to its powerful engine. Driving a Lamborghini feels like driving royalty as you’re coasting through town in your fine clothes with nothing but smiles on your face. You may have everything else for that perfect day behind the wheel; however, one thing lacks: money! But don't fret--while Camrys or Taurus are safe cars without enough power to take mountain roads at 100 mph+, they're still luxurious vehicles nonetheless.

Nevertheless what if you didn’t have the chance to own a Lamborghini or Lotus to be able to drive it around those hairpin turns? Well, nowadays we do have a great way to try out a luxury or high-powered sports car of our dreams, with exotic car rental we don’t have to sell our house or steal one from one of your yuppie friends. There are a number of can rental companies, mainly in wealthier areas, starting to specialize in exotic car rental. In fact even the regular airport car rental companies like Enterprise and Hertz are starting to rent out exotics or perhaps luxury cars along with the standard economy and touring cars.


For those who want to try one out, you don’t need to fly out of town or go on a holiday. For example, if your date is coming over for dinner and needs something special from the driver in front of their house when they pull up--you could show them that incredible Lotus Espirit or Porsche 911 parked at the curb. If it's been years since you've given mom her favorite flowers--but money has always been tight because she never needed anything else as much as she needed love while raising all four kids alone—why not get this luxury car delivered?


For those giving prom night an unforgettable experience with someone famous driving them around before heading off into high school- do it! You can cruise down Hollywood Boulevard


Despite the fact that the exotic car rental is generally a little more expensive than renting a Camry at the airport, it’s at all times a lot more memorable. Besides exotic car rentals also make great gifts; as some rental agencies which rent exotics also rent classic cars, so you could give your dad or uncle the ride of his dreams in a vintage Corvette or brand new Ferrari. Sure, it will make a great gift instead of the usual set of gold clubs or tie clip that you were considering as an alternative!