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today is May 30, 2023

The Miami Grand Prix left F1 fans wanting more after a relatively low-key race on Sunday. We had no DNFs, no safety cars, no red or yellow flags, it was clean from start to finish, and the racing was… okay.

We had a few battles in the midfield, which is about all we can get excited over in recent times, and a tremendous climb through the field from Max Verstappen to take home yet another win. No, the race wasn’t a banger, but not every race can be a classic.

But there was an overall feeling from fans that the Miami GP was boring. No real fight for the lead, drivers stuck in DRS trains, and no excitement.

The 1996 F1 champion Damon Hill questioned that, however. He took to Twitter during the race: “Some people are not enjoying this race. Which tells me they don’t understand Formula 1. This is two guys fighting it out to become World Champion. It’s down to split seconds. And Max has to have a perfect stop.”

People argued that he must’ve been watching a different race from them, stating that “there was no fight” between Max and Checo. But maybe that’s the problem, the focus is on them. And not through the fans’ fault, the TV direction was somewhat choppy over the race and pandered to the ‘battle’ between the Red Bull drivers.

But actually, there was so much wheel-to-wheel in several places further back that even the commentators failed to pick up on enough, hence the complaints. One thing is for sure, it definitely brought out a mixed bag of opinions.

Did you enjoy the Miami GP? If not, what do you think was missing?