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today is Sep 26, 2022

Christopher Bell had an impressive run in Atlanta Motor Speedway last Sunday as he went on to crossed the finish line in 2nd place.

However, NASCAR handed Christopher Bell a penalty for an error on the last lap which earned him a P23 finish.

The 27-y-o was penalized by NASCAR for advancing his position by passing Ross Chastain below the double line at the bottom of Atlanta Motor Speedway backstretch on the last lap.

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“I felt very for sure that I got pushed below the line. But, Looking back at it, You know, next time my hands are staying straight,” Bell added,

“The line’s there and I’m not moving so, whatever happens, happens so I guess a lesson learned on my part that next time, in that case, I’m holding my wheel straight, I’m not moving.”

“I didn’t feel in a million years in the heat of the moment that I would be black flagged for passing below the line because I got inside of him before I went beneath the line,” Bell said Saturday (March 26) at Circuit of the Americas. “I felt very for sure that I got forced below the line. Looking back at it, next time my hands are staying straight.”

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