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today is Sep 26, 2022

Valtteri Bottas wasn’t too happy with Lance Stroll’s driving around the Albert Park Circuit for the Australian Grand Prix 😬 Stroll was handed a five-second time penalty for weaving in front of the Finnish driver before they came very close to contact with Stroll pushing Bottas off the track.

Talking to F1 after the race, Bottas discussed the on-track antics with Lance.

“The weaving just made it really hard for me to, you know, decide where to go. It was a bit on the limit, I guess.”

In their decision document for the weaving penalty, the Stewards explained that Stroll moved to the right to defend from Bottas before returning to the racing line, then repeated the manoeuvre, which breaches the regulations.

A little while later, Stroll went for a pass on Bottas that forced the Finn off the track, which yielded no further action – much to the surprise of Valtteri, who didn’t even know the incident went unpunished until he talked to the media after the race.

“That pass obviously forced me to go off the track. I don’t believe that’s how you should race. But I still managed to get through, that cost me a bit of time. Esteban Ocon could have been reachable.

“Still, four points isn’t bad.”

Do you think Lance should’ve been penalised for his overtake on Bottas? Let us know in the comments.