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today is Sep 26, 2022

23XI racing driver Bubba Wallace saw his race take an unlucky turn on lap 45 at COTA.

Bubba Wallace left front wheel and tire flew off on his No. 23 Toyota Camry heading into turn 16 on Sunday.

As seen from FOX video footage below, a single lug nut pop off of the wheel, before the wheel dislodged from the car.

Bubba Wallace told his spotter Freddie Kraft he sucked today and laughed, Freddie replied saying he wished he could say the same about him but Bubba had actually been doing pretty well today at COTA.

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A Frustrated Bubba Tweeted

Bubba crew chief Bootie Barker is now expected face a four-race Cup Series suspension for the wheels flying off and his front tire changer Michael Louria and jackman Caleb Dirks.

Bubba tells Freddie he’ll catch up with him on the plane.