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today is Dec 06, 2022

As the Formula 1 world eagerly awaits to see how the FIA will handle Red Bull for breaching the $145 million cost cap, Fernando Alonso expects no punishment for the team.

The question now hangs on whether they will go down the ABA route, or go to the Cost Cap Adjudication Panel where a panel of judges will decide if any penalty should be applied.

Alonso points to recent Ferrari history as example

Alonso cites the controversy involving Ferrari in 2019, when the FIA issued a series of technical directives on the suspicion that the team was using an illegal fuel flow meter that circumvented the 100kg per-hour limit.

"Ferrari won two races in 2019. I think with something that we all knew that it was not legal, and nothing happened. So, they kept those wins," Alonso told media, including

"Imagine if they won the championship in 2019, with that engine. I think we need to rely on the people that have the power and trust them."

Alonso believes that the different interpretations of what is covered in the cost cap is an example of the grey areas which F1 teams frequently exploit.

He added: "I think this has been always part of Formula 1. This is a new thing that we implemented recently, the Cost Cap, but it was always things aerodynamically that you could explore [in] some grey areas."

"The people that won the championships, they won because they exploited that grey area and then the other teams, they copy.

"Eventually they [other teams] get to that level, or they [FIA] ban the thing that was allowed for one or two races. So, this is the nature of Formula 1."