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today is Jun 06, 2023

LET’S HAVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR OSCAR PIASTRI!  Not only did he score his first Formula 1 points, but he did it at his home race. We absolutely love that. But he isn’t the first Aussie driver to do that. 

In fact, the last three drivers from Australia have all gained their first-ever F1 points at their home grand prix. So cute.

Mark Webber took home points on his F1 race debut in Australia in 2002 when he was with Minardi, rather impressive, huh? When Daniel Ricciardo bounced into F1, he only competed in the latter half of the 2011 season with HRT before moving to Toro Rosso full-time in 2012 and bagging his first points in Australia.

You see where this is going, right? Oscar Piastri hasn’t had the start he was hoping for in his F1 career with McLaren, but after optimising on the opportunities put in front of them, the team had a successful day. And he also took home his first-ever points at the Australian Grand Prix yesterday.

Talking to the media, including The Race, he said: “Yeah, definitely happy to have my first points on the board, especially here at home. Was a crazy race, obviously, I think that’s the first race that I’ve had three red flags.” First time for everything, eh Oscar? 😅

He continued: “Got stuck behind Yuki [Tsunoda] for a bit too long, just couldn’t really find a way past, trying a few different things with the battery to try and use it in the right place and stuff.

“Some things I can work on definitely. Once I got past him, the pace seemed to be pretty good, so positive day.”

Piastri 🤝 Ricciardo 🤝 Webber = Scoring first points in Australia!

It was a positive day for McLaren, can it continue?