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today is Aug 09, 2022

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This was even worse than Germany and Italy 2018, where Ferrari sat by as Räikkönen had zero care for the team interests. Leclerc must be beyond frustrated with the way Ferrari ‘handled’ this race. They somehow managed to mess the strategy up so badly that Leclerc finished behind Pérez; the guy who had to drive all the way from the back of the field.

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    @cashnotclass – He’s be right to be frustrated but he also has to remember that he screwed up qualifying and it’s his own fault he was stuck behind Sainz in the first place.

    You can’t keep making mistakes if you want to win the title.

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      @petebaldwin That’s true, but at the same time the team has to make a choice in this situation. They can sit by as Sainz holds up Leclerc to make him ‘pay’ for his mistake, but in doing so they risk losing the win to Hamilton. Or they can let both Sainz and Leclerc do their best pace by swapping them around, and thereby increase the chance of at least one Ferrari staying ahead of a then obviously faster Hamilton.