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today is Dec 05, 2021

In the round-up: Valtteri Bottas hopes his third penalty for a power unit part change in four races is his last.

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Bottas hoping for end to penalties

Having taken his third penalty for exceeding his allocation of power unit parts at the United States Grand Prix, Bottas hopes he has sufficient stock of working examples to complete the final five races without further grid drops.

“I really hope we’re done for now,” he said after Sunday’s race. “I think both of the engines are good in my engine pool, they seem to be okay. We haven’t detected any issues with them.

“So fingers crossed that I can go ’til the end now without penalties because the next races with a close championship battle, even if you get back [through the field] later, it really compromises the race.”

Bottas started ninth and finished sixth after taking a five-place penalty at Circuit of the Americas last weekend.

“It was difficult like I expected,” he said of the race. “What made it more tricky was in the first stint I was behind the AlphaTauri and I couldn’t get past so I obviously lost quite of bit of time. Unfortunately, there was no help from Safety Cars. I made some progress, but slowly.”

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