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today is Sep 28, 2021

In modern NASCAR racing it is not uncommon to see the competition of some who have only been driving for a few years. This has led many fans and critics alike over time to question if current drivers are talented enough or strong enough, but there is one woman in particular that embodies these great qualities: Danica Patrick. She was born on March 25th 1982 in Beloit Wisconsin where she grew up as an active child playing soccer, basketball, and running track competitively before turning her attention towards auto racing when she got into high school at age 16. Her first major success came with winning rookie driver series championship (at 18) which set her apart from other newbies because they were usually 21-years old by then; this demonstrated how much


Are you a NASCAR fan? If so, then you likely love researching the history of the sport as well as great moments in modern day racing. You may also enjoy learning more about what shaped this exciting and thrilling form of racing into what it is today. When looking to do so, there are many different options for research at your disposal!


Some people like to go old school when they're reading up on their favorite sports by purchasing books or turning to physical archives that hold information from years past. Others prefer digital formats such as websites with video highlights and articles dedicated solely to historic events within motorsports - but whichever way suits you best will surely lead towards hours upon hours worth of fun following along time-honored traditions while gaining valuable knowledge all


Although it is relatively easy to research great moments in modern day NASCAR races, especially with the use of the internet, you may be looking for readily available information. If so, please continue reading on. A number of moments that are well known and considered by many race fans as great moments in the modern day of the sport are highlighted below.


In 2003, at the Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 race, Ricky Craven beat Kurt Bush to win the race; however, the race’s finish was one of the closest races in NASCAR history. In fact, this side by finish, according to NASCAR, is the closest race since electronic scoring was incorporated into the sport. Close finishes are a NASCAR fan’s dream come true, as it provides an amazing level of excitement.


In 2002, at the Daytona 500, which is commonly referred to as the super bowl of racing, Sterling Marlin is remembered for a penalty that he received. This penalty was for getting out of his racecar and making repairs under a red flag. This is direct and well known violation of NASCAR rules. Many fans and drivers alike were surprised, in fact shocked, with his actions on this great race day.


In 2000, Bobby Labonte was first NASCAR driver to win both the NASCAR Winston Cup Championship and the BUSCH Championship. The BUSCH Championship series has since seen a name change. According to NASCAR, he and his brother, Terry Labonte, made NASCAR history by being the first brothers in the sport of professional racing to both hold a championship.


Another great moment in NASCAR history took place in 2004. This is when Nextel became the premier sponsor of NASCAR racing. The NASCAR Winston Cup Series was no more and the Nextel Cup Series was born. This is the same year that the sport saw a controversial change in the points system. In late 2007, it was announced that the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series would now be known as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. This latest name change is due in part the merger of cell phone providers Nextel and Sprint.


In keeping with the year 2007, a new car format was unveiled and this car is known as the Car of Tomorrow, also commonly known as COT. The car was raced part time through the 2007 NASCAR race season. In late 2007, NASCAR announced that the Car of Tomorrow (COT) would be run fulltime in the 2008 race season. This move was announced a year ahead of originally planned.


Another moment in time that shaped the sport of NASCAR in modern day racing occurred in 2001. February 18th 2001 is a date that every NASCAR fan will remember until the end of time. This is the date that Dale Earnhardt died during the Daytona 500. To many viewers, his death was surprising as the accident in which he was involved in did not appear as horrific in nature as many other crashes seen throughout the sports’ history. Although not considered a “great,” moment in NASCAR racing, it is a moment in time that will forever impact the sport.


The above mentioned moments in modern day NASCAR racing are just a few of the many that fans remember the most, as well as commonly refer to as great moments in modern day NASCAR racing. As previously stated, it is relatively easy to research and examine other memorable moments. A standard internet search can return information, as well as videos on the online video sharing website YouTube. Books and documentary style films that highlight great moments in NASCAR racing are also available for sale.