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today is Jan 28, 2022

20 comments on “21 telling stats covering every driver in the 2021 F1 season”

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    Mazepin proved everyone wrong who thought he was guaranteed to finish 20th in the standings. He finished 21st.

    1. ;)

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      I bet someone lost a bet right there

  2. Here is an interesting stat about Mazepin. He was the slowest of all participating drivers in qualifying every single time. However, he started the main grand prix last only 7 times out of 22! 9 out of 25 if you include starts of sprint races. (Man, I hate having to correct / caveat interesting stats for the sprints)

    Most curious was Russia where he qualified 19th (Max didn’t set a time) but started the race in 15th, after penalties were applied to Leclerc, Bottas, Giovinazzi, Latifi

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    “Hamilton had the best average qualifying position of any driver – 2.14 – but penalties meant his average starting position was second-best to Verstappen”

    Although above is factual correct it is still wrong as it is populated by Russia where because Max had to start at the back he choose not to set a time in Q1. If he would have participated normally a 3rd or better place would be a given considering that in all other 21 races Max never qualified lower than 3rd. So changing Russia 20th to 3rd would give Max an average qualifying of 2.05.

    Hamilton qualified 3 times outside top 3 (Monaco 7th, Austria 4th and Russia 4th).

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      populated = polluted

      @keithcollantine you really should have an edit button available to allow folks to make corrections like these. Some websites allow editing within 3-5 minutes of posting – that would be great to have here as well.

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      wow, even a simple stats page gets polluted by biased max fans. its simply facts.

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        @romtrain it’s not “simply facts” though. It counts Hamilton as qualifying P1 in Brazil, which he did not. It’s not even a matter of “after applying penalties”: Brazil’s official qualifying result is P1 for Max, not for Lewis.

        So Lewis’s 20th and last in Brazil isn’t counted as such, but rather as P1, while Max’s in Russia is. Take both anomalous results out of it and Max wins this stat with 1.95 avg vs 2.19 avg, leave both of them in and Max wins it 2.77 vs 3. Counting Lewis’s Brazil result as P1 is wrong.

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        You calling others biased is quite a joke.

  4. Poor vettel, 1 million jellybeans for his achievement but no recognition by Keith..

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    “The Alpine drivers were the closest on points, Ocon trailling Alonso by just seven…”

    How, actually? Schumacher and Mazepin finished equal on points, Lerclerc and Sainz finished 5.5 points apart. And Gio and Kimi had the same 7 points difference.

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      Also: “That contributed to the biggest points deficit between any two team mates, Tsunoda scoring just 29% of AlphaTauri’s total.”

      Should probably read “biggest relative points deficit”. Also, that should be 22.5%, not 29%.

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    That’s an interesting stat for Kimi. His race starts improved massively after leaving Ferrari. Portugal 2020 being the ultimate highlight.

  7. My favourite stat, and it’s not really driver related, is one that shows you just how incredibly close this season was:

    There was only a single 1-2 finish for a team all season long, and that wasn’t for Mercedes or Red Bull, but for McLaren in Monza.

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      Good stat, and it does show that Mercedes and RBR weren’t too far apart and the battle between Max and Lewis made them stand out by a huge amount compared to their respective teammates. Really brought out the best in them.

      We were on course for a 1-2 in Baku though, but it wasn’t to be, and Mexico was close. Turkey was probably a shoe-in for a 1-2 for Mercedes if not for Lewis’s engine penalty.

    2. That is telling. Since at most races Max and Lewis drove off into the distance I wonder, over the entire season and out of all laps, how much faster they were than the rest of the competition.

  8. Russell took advantage of bizarre circumstances at Spa to become the first Williams driver to stand on the podium for four years

    If this is, out of all stats, Russell’s most telling stat of the season, what does it say about his season?

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    Sainz was also the only one who reached the chequered flag in every race. Ricciardo’s Giovinazzi’s sole DNFs came in 4th-to-last final rounds, respectively, so they were close.

  10. The more interesting fact about Max is that he is the only driver not to be out qualified by George in a session they both participated in.

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    Will a like button for comments increase interaction on this website? I would love to see a poll to see what other users think.