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today is Jul 01, 2022

I don’t know how to comment, or were to comment.

Both amazing and yet dismaying as a race.

Masi did not seem to have full control over what was happening.

As soon as that first safety car came out a red flag needed to come out immediately as that barrier is known to need full repair in a vulnerable zone. Any delay impacts the race. When it didn’t I though it was fine for pits to take place.

But for it to take 10 laps…..10 LAPS to make the decision was ludicrous and completely changed the race.

I then said to a friend, expect lots of crashes post restart. Such a dangerous decision which in my view is purely for the spectacle.

Play it safe…….only to introduce more risk. A restart like that on such a track, with so much as stake is just asking for trouble.

And then the handling of decisions, the delays, the “penalty deals”. Was just ludicrous.

Then the miscommunication of the hand over. The following penalties… was just….ludicrous.

Half the penalty decisions did not seem to go to the stewards!

I just…..I don’t know.